Our Puppy Head Start  Program is designed to target problem behaviors before they start! Behaviors such as nipping, play biting, jumping up, or destructive chewing  This program focuses on early socialization of pups to prevent fear, anxiety and other aggression issues as adult. 

Puppy Head Start

At LukEli K-9 Training, we believe every animal deserves one more chance from humans to prove how great of a companion they can be. Our trainers have extensive knowledge and experience working with animals coming from abusive or neglected backgrounds. This program allows for rescue organizations and personal dog owners alike to give dogs with profound behavior issues a New Leash on Life.

New Leash On Life Program

Consults with one of our Canine Training and Behavior Modification Specialists are the first step in our process. They are designed to help determine what training option best fits the needs of your family and dog. 

In Home Consults

Once your dog has completed the Off Leash Training Program with LukEli K-9 you will never have to use a leash again!! 

Nosework, Agility, Treibball, Other Dog Sports

Off Leash Training 

Behavior Modification

In Home Dog Training 

Therapy Dog Training 

Service Dog Training

In Kennel Dog Training 

Service dogs provide assistance to people with a variety of disabilities and limitations.

Specialties include but are not limited to, PTSD, Panic and Anxiety Disorders, Mobility, Balance Assistance, Psychiatric and Mental Health Service Dogs. 

Behavior Modification is the process of identifying problem behaviors in dogs such as separation anxiety, aggression, fear, phobias, and other problematic behaviors.

Do you think your dog would make a great therapy dog?

We can help with everything from brushing up on the required skills to helping you navigate through the certification process.

In Home Lessons are for owners who do not have  appropriate  time during their schedule to train their own dogs, but can make time to maintain their dogs learning throughout the week between lessons.These lessons offer a one on one experience with our trainers from the comfort of your home. 

​​​In Kennel Training is for the dog owner who doesn't have the time to establish ​foundational training skills with their dog or for owners with dogs needing professional help in a controlled environment. 

LukEli K-9 offers specialized programs to make sure every expectation is met: from in-home private lessons to group classes, and even Therapy and Service dog work, every service is specifically tailored to you and your pet's needs. 

At LukEli K-9, we take the worry out of training. Even if we have to spend the extra time on a special case, we will ensure both you and your dog are happy. We understand that when it comes to dog training the owner needs just as much training as the dog. We will spend all the time necessary to make sure you, the owner, understand all the information presented during your professionally tailored training course.