This program is intense and is recommended for pets who have completed at least Level I and II Basic Obedience with LukEli K-9, and are at least one year old.

Off Leash Training has a required MINIMUM of 6 weeks in kennel training or 12 weeks private lesson format. 

Our highest priority is the safety of your dog and you. It is imperative that enough time and training is dedicated to ensuring your dog understands and responds to all cues.

Just like our other programs, our Off Leash course is designed with you in mind. The only cue we require when teaching off leash obedience is a solid recall. All other cues will be decided by you! 

Off Leash Training is offered as both an in kennel and private lesson format. We highly recommend in kennel for this type of training because of the time commitment and skill needed to accomplish the behaviors necessary to allow your dog off leash safely. 

Off Leash Dog Training 

Our program uses a variety of methods to ensure your dog is responsive and reliable off the leash in every environment and situation. 

Off Leash Training offers both you and your dog the ultimate freedom. Most dogs are more comfortable off of a leash then attached. This due to the fact that most owners incorrectly handle their dogs and force them into interactions or altercations that could be avoided had the dog been able to make his own decisions. 

This is not to say we relinquish all of the decision making control to our dogs. An off leash trained dog by LukEli will becontrolled, responsive, and confidentno matter the situation.  

Once your dog has completed the Off Leash Training Program with LukEli K-9 you will never have to use a leash again!!