New Leash On Life Program 

At LukEli K-9 Training, we believe every animal deserves one more chance from humans to prove how great a companion they can be. Our trainers have extensive knowledge and experience working with animals coming from abusive or neglected backgrounds. This program allows for rescue organizations and personal dog owners alike to give dogs with profound behavior issues a New Leash on Life.

The techniques used to rehabilitate these animals are done on a case by case situation allowing for each dog to have their own unique training plan and experience with LukEli K-9.

Dogs accepted into the program may even live in our trainers house along with the trainers own personal dogs. We believe that in some instances the easiest way for dogs in these extreme cases to make a sound transition from training with us to their New Leash on Life, is for them to live in a home environment with other dogs and people like a normal dog. 

The dog in training will have repeated exposure on both our website and Facebook page. As we gain the dogs trust they will also be attending events and social gatherings that their trainer attends. Blog updates may also be posted to our facebook and blog page. These updates not only give on overview of the progress made by the dog each, they are also chock full of training tips and how to's associated with the rehabilitaion of the dog in our care. 

Space is limited to one dog at a time. Training timelines can be approximated, but with any animal changing behaviors takes time and patience. Any person or rescue interested in applying for the next available spot or wishing to be added to our waiting list please fill out a contact form and one of our trainers will contact you directly. Be sure to include the pets story and any background info you may have about the pet you are applying to the program. 

LukEli K-9 Training works with a number of rescue organizations in the education of volunteers and the rehabilation of animals who are in need of intensive behavior modification. LukEli's New Leash on Life Program is dedicated to helping those special tough cases of reactivity, aggression, fear, anxiety, abuse, and neglect seen by many rescue organizations.