Q. Will my dog get playtime with other dogs?

A. If you have signed a  release permitting your dog to interact with other dogs, your dog will be allowed at least one structured play session with an appropriately matched dog/s per day.

Q. What will my dog learn?

A. Your dog will learn the specific cues and skills outlined in your custom designed training plan as discussed by you and your dog's lead trainer. Along with these specific cues, most dogs will learn basic skills such as; waiting to exit or enter doors until released, loose leash walking, polite greetings to new people or stimuli, and much much more!


Q. Can I visit my dog while in training?

A. While visiting your dog while in training is not prohibited, it is STRONGLY discouraged. In most cases a short visit with your dog could lead to unforseen set backs in their training. We post lots of updates on facebook so you can follow along with their progress as well!

Q. Can I bring my dogs bed and favorite toys?

A. You are welcome to bring your dogs bed or blankets, however be aware that our training facility is a farm. Bedding may become soiled quickly. Also, be aware your dog could destroy their bedding. We provide each dog with a Kuranda bed and fleece blanket for their comfort. Toys are permitted, however they will not be left unattended with your dog for your dog's safety (Kongs are the exception).

Q. When will my dog get breakfast/dinner?

A. Breakfast is served after your dog's morning walk by are LukEli approved handler, between the times of 6am and 8am. Puppies under the age of one year are offered lunch between the times of 12pm and 2pm. Dinner is served before their evening walk with our LukEli approved handler between the times of 6pm and 8pm.


Q.What vaccinnations do they need?

A. All dogs must have the following up-to-date vaccinations before entering the LukEli facility. They must include: Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies.  Heartworm and flea and tick preventatives are also required. A copy of your vaccinations must be given to us before or at the time of drop off. 

Q. My dog has a bite history. Do you still accept them into your program?

A. Yes. In most cases dogs with bite history will be enrolled into our Behavior Modification Program. 

Q.How old does my dog have to be?

A. Dogs must be at least 12 weeks of age. This is to ensure that they have had all their appropriate shots including Rabies.


Q.What are pick up and drop off times?

A. Dogs are to be dropped off for In Kennel Training between the times of 4pm and 6pm. Pick up times are between 12pm and 2pm. Other arrangements can be made with at least one week's notice. 

Q. What happens if my dog has a medical emergency?

A. You will be notified before any charges are made. Our local vet is 15 minutes from our location. If the emergency is non-life threatening we will do our very best to take your pet to your vet. If the emergency is life threatening we will follow protocol as you designated on your contract at drop off. You will be notified before any charges are made. 

Q. How is training transferred to me as the owner of the dog?

A. Plan on at least an hour for pick up of your dog. You will go through a private lesson with the lead trainer of your dog, during which you will be taught how to maintain your dog's training. You will also receive a video of YOUR dog performing the cues they have learned to look back on later. We are also available by phone or email any time to answer questions. You can always come by our facility for a refresher lesson as well as long as you schedule an appointment.

Q. ​Will I get updates on my dogs progress?

A. Yes! While we do our best to keep our Facebook and Instagram accounts up to date with your pets progress to see and share with friends, if at anytime you wish to speak with a LukEli K-9 representitive feel free to call or email our office. 

Q. Do you offer a payment plan?

A. 50% of the total cost of payment is due at the time off drop off, the remaining 50% is due at pick up. Other payment arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Are there any discounts for multiple dogs?

A. Yes we do offer for discounts for multiple dogs from the same household, 20% off of your second dog. 

Q. Do you offer any coupons or promotional discounts? 

A. Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter to receive monthly discounts!

Q. How long will my dog need to stay at LukEli?

A. While each dogs training experience will be different and may require a different amount of time, all dogs who come to stay with us are here for a minimum of three weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Dogs enrolled in LukEli's In Kennel Training Program will stay in our climate controlled kennel building. Temperatures in our kennels range between 60 and 80 degrees, no matter the season. 

Each kennel has indoor/outdoor access so your dog can freely move about between the climate controlled indoors or the great outdoors. When temperatures are significantly hot or cold the outdoor access doors to each kennel will be closed off for safety and comfort of your dog. 

Every dog (along with their minimum three training sessions per day with our certified professional dog trainers) will be leashed walked by our LukEli K-9 approved handler. Leash walks will allow your dog access to all the amenities of the farm. There are over 30 acres of open fields and meadows, a 2 acre pond for swimming (weather permitting), and a creek side walking trail. The  daily enrichment activities offered by LukEli are one of kind and are offered at no extra charge! 

Your dog will enjoy their time here. We make sure of it!

The In Kennel training program at LukEli K-9 allows our professionally certified trainers to work with your dog multiple times per day, with a heavy focus on consistency and socialization.

Every interaction between your dog is carefully managed and tailored to set your dog up for success. In this way we can greatly accelerate your dog’s progress and help you reach your goals in a much shorter time frame.  

At LukEli K-9, we know your dog is an individual. Each and every dog who comes to us for training will get their own individualized training plan. ​

Unlike most other training companies, LukEli K-9 does not use the same training techniques on every dog. What works for one dog may not work on the next, which is why we tailor a training or treatment program to fit your dog's needs. We do not turn out assembly line dogs that act like robots, nor do we only offer you a select set of cues to choose from. When you choose LukEli K-9 you will choose what cues your family and dog learns, and what is needed in your household.

You choose what works for your family!

Upon completion of your dogs training program, you will receive an instructional video of your dog performing all the cues they have learned, as well as an included 1 hour private lesson to help transfer what your dog has learned from us to you.  

What you get with LukEli K-9 is a individualized, personal, training experience from trusted, knowledgeable, professional dog trainers.  

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