Dog Behavior Modification

This sort of training is often times very time consuming and many cases requires a very rigid schedule. Because of this, Behavior Modification for the most serious of issues is only offered in our In Kennel Training format. This is also for the safety of both you and the dog. Call us today to schedule your consultation so we can get you-the help you need!  Office # 704-723-9559

The process of identifying the root cause of problem behaviors in dogs such asseparation anxiety, aggression, fear, and other problematic behaviors and changing those undesirable behaviors through counter conditioning, etc.

The science behind Behavior Modification helps professionals like those at LukEli K-9 to completely change the way a dog reacts to whatever stimuli is causing an unwanted response, whether it be a negative one or positive one.

Our trainers are fluent in dog behaviorism and understand that every dog has a story to tell about their past experiences and interactions. 

Every single behavior our dogs display is direct result of that dogs past. At LukEli K-9 we believe that in order to safely and effective modify behaviors we must understand why the dog feels the need to react in the whatever way it deems effectively necessary.  LukEli K-9 guarantees to use a kind, effective, and safe approach to modifying behaviors in dogs.