LukEli K9 is located right outside of Charlotte in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina.

LukEli K9's mission is to bring together our trainers diverse animal training backgrounds, incorporate scientifically proven methods, and blend them together into easy to understand techniques that will greatly benefit both you and dog.

Whether you:

  • are interested in building a better relationship with your dog through obedience training
  • have a rambunctious puppy or adult dog
  • want to curb your puppy or adult dog's emerging aggressive or fearful behavioral problems
  • are looking for the perfect companion to begin therapy dog work or want to teach your dog the necessary skills to become a therapy dog
  • are in need of a service/assistance dog for yourself.
  • plus many more services to fit your needs

LukEli K9 can help you and your dog reach your  dog training goals!

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LukEli Social Club is Back!


LukEli Social Club will be starting back up in just a few months. If your not already apart of our Social Club you should be!

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​​​Together we can Unleash Your Dogs Potential!

Behavior Modification, Obedience, Agility, Treibball, Group Classes, Private Lessons, Therapy and Service Dogs.


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